1: Make sure your banner is working and you have the right url: If your banner url is not from your url I will lock you out. A lot of sites are giving a different url for their  banner, so from now on all sites with a different banner url other than the one you submitted will be locked. Test your banner because if it does not show, your account will be locked: Contact me if your site has been locked and you have fixed the problem and I will unlock it:

2: You must place Top X Sites Banner or text link on your index page or a links page but there must be a link on the index page pointing to your links page:

3: No redirecting my link. I had a couple where I would test my banner and it was redirected:

4: The Html code must be installed within 24 Hours or sooner if can be:

5: No Illegal content:

6: If I check a site and it brings up a page that locks my computer up, I will lock that site out permanently:

7: I have a lot of sites on lock because when I checked them out my virus protection sounded off. These sites will stay on lock unless you contact me telling me your site is safe.

8: I don't mind locking your site out if it's not right.

I want a nice clean site for webmasters to join and for all sites to do the right thing. There is always some bad apples that don't go by the rules. I wont tolerate any abuse or those who don't follow the rules:

Play fair and don't get locked out: Thank you...

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